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Whether you are starting out or experienced in fitness training, Physique Personal Training is the place to get all the assistance you need to excel in personal training. We offer a wide range of training options, friendly support, and professional guidance to keep you on track. Our personalized programs are based on the fitness training need of our clients.

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I have chosen to become an independent personal trainer because I believe that the human body is an extraordinary machine and with proper stimulus, the health and physical transformation of a person can increase immensely. I offer over 15 years of Experience in the personal training field helping clients of all ages and fitness levels meet their health goals.

My priority is to always put the Client’s Needs first and effectively plan and design the best exercise program to meet the desired goal while also working around any limitations one may have. My success is determined by my client’s success, and I pride myself on Professionalism and the drive to provide the best service, always. The strength of Physique San Antonio is to Empower the client with the knowledge and the right Mindset to continue living a lifelong healthy lifestyle.

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We structure personal training routines on the basis of the guidelines provided by the National Academy of Sports Medicine.


We offer nutritional guidance based on the goals of our clients such as gaining or losing weight.


We provide sports specific training to help athletes reach full potential and excel in their fields.


We offer cardio programs that fit the physical and health capabilities as well as needs of our clients.


We perform regular fitness assessments to help you get timely results.


We prescribe exercises that improve competitive athletes’ performance.


Physique Personal Trainers offers small group training in a challenging and fun way to help individuals achieve their fitness goals.
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Certified Personal Training Programs

I created Physique San Antonio to provide individuals with the best personal training San Antonio has to offer. If you are looking to improve your quality of life by losing weight, building muscle, or by maintaining your current level of fitness, Physique San Antonio will customize an exercise program tailored to fit your specific needs. Make that one call that will change your life forever.

If you are 100% committed, give me the opportunity to change your life.

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